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Media plays an important part in our lives as it connects people and helps communicate with a wide range of audience. Over the years technology has changed the way people read, watch news, or attain information, jeopardizing revenue streams, employment, etc. for the ever challenging media industry.


“Since 2011 to 2017, the total market size of the Newspaper Publication industry has declined from $32 billion to $28 billion due to challenging business models and scarce advertising dollar, as consumers move away from subscriptions,” said Nin Desai, President and CEO of NIN Ventures.


Total Capitalism is the next generation media technology, with a completely advertising based revenue model (which means no subscriptions), making it free for all readers, and giving advertisers a 100% reach and visibility. Total Capitalism offers both video and banner ads. Advertisers pay per second for all impressions available in a slot, which is also device agnostic. However, Total Capitalism’s unique value proposition is genuine content.


According to Pew Research, 64% of people suffer from a great deal of confusion because of fake news, while only 39% have the ability to recognize fake news. In an environment where fake news has flooded the market and Wall Street affecting economies, businesses, elections, and people – Welcome to Total Capitalism!


About Total Capitalism 
Total Capitalism is a FREE one-stop news media platform. Total Capitalism provides people with the right news, information, and knowledge required to make smart investment decisions. Total Capitalism has full time reporters covering business, technology, politics, economy, and lifestyle news and events; with industry and thought leaders contributing articles on a daily basis along with interesting news pieces from other publications. The contribution program is a 12 month commitment with a 1000 word article accompanied with a video making it a quick read and an unique opportunity for readers to learn from rotating industry leaders aka contributor base. 


Total Capitalism is currently in the market for Editor in Chief, Journalists, Digital Marketing Specialists, and IT Professionals. For more information, job inquiries, and contribution requests email:




Ms. Nin Desai

President & CEO, NIN Ventures